Oleg Maštruko - Photographer and Author

I work as editor and columnist for local IT media (magazines and websites Mreza and Bug), book author, occasional TV pundit, panelist, political columnist, all that's in Croatian, and for the local media scene, so you're probably not interested in that. My international projects are about my favorite creative activities - photography, travel and writing. This website is simple showcase for some - actually very few - of my photographs and related projects.

In photography I developed a taste for abandoned structures all over the world - in the series Without People; and for various religious temples - in the series Expiations. I work on some other series and photography projects as well, but they are not as ripe for publication as these two. Without People was my first photography book, Expiations is second. Before that I wrote five IT related books, bazillions of IT articles (mostly in Croatian), and developed and maintained some websites in the early days of the web.

So, Without People is available on Amazon.

Expiations, my second photo book, is also available on Amazon.

My photo page on Facebook: facebook.com/oleg.mastruko. It's rarely updated because Facebook's recent changes in organic reach mean that pages for photographers are completely useless. I keep that page in vegetative state, you never know.

My private profile on Facebook: facebook.com/oleg.mastruko.private.

My LinkedIn profile is here, mostly business and IT related stuff: http://lnkd.in/mtysTj

My mail is olegm@iskon.hr, my other mail is oleg@bug.hr

Regarding photo equipment, I prefer Sony cameras, Sigma and Samyang lenses.


Photo Projects: Without People / Expiations / Sea Dust Air (work in progress)

Travel projects: Pamir / Lost Kingdom /// Bio + Contact

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